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Paris, France

LVMH accelerator program at the STATION F startup in Paris.

The LVMH program will welcome 50 international startups each year. This initiative will drive business acceleration between LVMH’s Maisons and startups to invent innovative new products and services for the luxury market. 89 work stations are available for startups within the 220-square meter LVMH space. By creating La Maison des Startups in the heart of the world’s biggest startup campus, LVMH reaffirms its values of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence, the pillars that anchor the Group’s growth.

BLVU is are very excited to collaborate with the best start-ups at Station F.

“Innovation is an integral part of the history of our Maisons, which are often centuries old. This is why we know, perhaps better than others, how to find ways of working with startups that benefit us all.” Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO, LVMH

La Maison des Startups will accelerate collaboration between LVMH Maisons and startups whose solutions have potential in the luxury industry, giving entrepreneurs privileged access to the unique ecosystem formed by the Group’s 70 Maisons. This program is distinctive in its multi-sector approach, encompassing entrepreneurs whose innovations are relevant to LVMH’s different business groups: Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry and Selective Retailing.

For BLVU, the cooperation with the startups is part of the consistent implementation of the consulting plan -
Meaningful Disruption.

“Art can do more than visual stimulation. Because every artwork deals with a concept, an idea, it’s qualified for challenging your thinking. See it as a thinking tool, and art will help you solve own challenges”, Swetlana Soschikow said.

STATION F is the biggest start-up camps in the world. Based in central Paris, the 34,000m2 campus houses an entire start-up ecosystem under one roof.